Monday, April 2, 2012

Pretty Special: Pizza by Elizabeths

One beautiful Saturday, sometime ago, the dude and I went on a lunch date at a fancy pizzeria in Greenville, followed by a lovely stroll in the park. Pizza by Elizabeths is a pizza place co-owned by two Elizabeths (creative no?). They keep that theme going by naming their pizzas after famous Elizabeths of all time and decorating their walls with framed black and white photos of Elizabeths we know and love. This was my second time dining here and knowing they had outdoor seating, I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous sunny weather by eating outside. Well, it didn't go as planned because I forgot there was a ceiling that covered any amount of sunshine there was that day. It was still a very serene atmosphere with a fountain, strings of white outdoor lights decorating the fake trees (at least I think they're fake), but we couldn't eat pizza in the dark.

 Pretty, but too romantic for afternoon pizza

So we ate inside, which is fine too because it's quite pretty inside. The decor was glamour meets vintage and made me feel feminine and happy, so I can look past their overpriced food. They have a rather swanky bar for those who just want to enjoy a nice cocktail. Actually one of the things that struck me the first time I ate here was their beautiful bathrooms! Next time, I will bring a camera in with me just to show people and prove I'm not crazy for saying, "I felt like a princess in there! It's like my dream bathroom." Each stall had a picture of an Elizabeth hanging above the toilet, mine was Shannon Elizabeth. Now I wonder if they do the same for the men's room. The dude refused to check it out since he didn't have to go, but I should have fed him more liquids so he could tell me if he had to pee in front of a beautiful Elizabeth. Next time...

Spinach & Artichoke Dip ($14): Dare I say it's better than Homegrown's?

To start off, we ordered our usual Spinach & Artichoke appetizer. For the price, it was pretty darn good! The dip was perfectly baked and packed with spinach and artichoke chunks, unlike others we've tried that are 80% cheese and oil. They definitely were not stingy with their ingredients and even topped it off with crispy fried onions. Perfection.

Taylor ($11.50): Goat cheese, rosemary onion, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan, basil, olives

Custom ($11.50): Pepperoni, Fire-roast Peppers, Black Olives, Tomato sauce

After we stuffed ourselves full with our delicious appetizer, our pizzas came out. I ordered the mini Taylor which has all my favorite toppings, so naturally I thought I would love it. To my dismay, the goat cheese was in clumps that I did not fancy and there was no sauce! Sorry Elizabeth Taylor, you're not the one for me. Let me mention, there are two sizes for every pizza, "mini" and "regular". The mini is as big as an individual Celeste microwavable pizza, so if you can put away a lot of pizza, get the regular size. Feeling special, the dude decided to create his own pizza after looking the large selection of unique, gourmet pizzas on the menu. For $9.75, he could get up to three selections from a large list of various sauces, cheese, meats, and veggies. For $11.50, he could get four or more toppings. He wanted to go with three toppings: Black olives, pepperoni, roasted peppers. Sauce and cheese should be included right? Wrong. But those are the main ingredients and are the foundation to a pizza (after the dough). I think they should clarify on the menu for us common folks who think we're choosing three toppings on top of cheese and sauce, so we're not disappointed to find out we only get one topping. I know it's only a couple bucks more for unlimited toppings, but it's just deceiving! At least it was good (better than mine), so I shouldn't complain.

In terms of service and wait time, it was okay, the food took some time coming out. On their website they say that everything is made fresh to order and to be patient with their staff (true, it's not their fault pizzas take a while to make), so make a note to not come here starving or it will seem like an even longer wait time. There was nothing too memorable about our waiter, but there was a waitress that I won't forget! While we waited for our appetizer, she ran over to our table with a big smile and said to me, "I love your dress! I just had to come here and tell you that!" Then she dashed off to check up on her tables. I really wished our waiter had her enthusiasm, she made me feel special.

To end this post, I'll leave you with this delicious picture of their very own homemade toffee. It really is as good as it looks and the best part? It's FREE. Wait, they give you complimentary food in Greenville? Yup! It's the equivalent to mints with the check, but so much better and addicting... People love it so much, they even have a shop near the entrance that sells their famous toffee and other sweet treats. If they were trying to get you hooked on this stuff so you would keep coming back for more, well bravo because it works!

 Warning: Toffee may appear larger in the above image than in real life

3801 Kennett Pike
WilmingtonDE 19807


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