Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Special Guest Review: The Silver Palm Chicago

Surprise! I have another Special Guest Review to share with you all... from Chicago! Thank you Tank for sharing this delicious review with my readers. I'm glad you can eat more than me, you're built like a tank! When I saw all the gorgeous pictures, I couldn't believe it was taken from you cell phone! 

So without further ado, I'm pleased to present, my second SPECIAL GUEST review for: 

The Silver Palm by Tank

Howdy foodies! I would like to say how honored to be part of this blog. I was a fellow Loveboater in the same summer class as Panina. I travel a lot for work and my company sends me to crazy places across the US. I was in the Chicago downtown area for work this time. One sandwich popped in my head and it was THE "Three Little Piggy" sandwich. It was claimed to be the best sandwich in America by Travel Channel's “No Reservations” host, Anthony Bourdain.

Silver Palm was a bar connected to a train car. I meet the owner and he was a real chill So Cal kind of guy.  I had to take it TO GO due to my work. My order was the "Three Little Piggy" sandwich and an order of onion rings.  

The onion rings were delish paired with some spicy chipotle dipping sauce. The outside breading looks like coconut shavings. Each bit was crispy from beginning to end. The fries that came with it was nothing special….Now, the main entrĂ©e…

Black USB to wall phone charger compared to the height of the sandwich
 (Takes about 2 ½ of these to reach the top of the sandwich)

Three slices of double smoked ham pork tenderloin cutlet, one breaded fried cutlet of pork tenderloin,  one onion ring, 3-4 pieces of really thick bacon, gruyere cheese and a fried egg on the softest and buttered up brioche bun for ONLY $15.50! The to-go box was packed full from top to bottom. A cutlet of pork was bigger than my hand.

Total: $21.50 plus tax

I had to divide it into three meals and the sandwich was piled so high that you had to choose your angle of attack.  It was like eating a spherical sandwich! LOL! 

 The curled up bacon were pushed into the soft brioche bun like they was lounge on a goose down pillow.  Fries tasted great with the gruyere cheese melted  on top of the fries.  This is by far not the healthiest choice on the menu, but I balanced it out with a traditional Shiner Bock from Texas bought from Jewel-Osco.  I should’ve reached for 2 glass of V8 tomato juice instead. 

I hope everyone gets a chance to visit Chicago and try the amazing “Three Little Piggy” sandwich in a train car! Thanks and Gig’ Em’. 

768 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL

Have you ever eaten a sandwich that you thought was the world's best sammich? What would you add on a sammich to make it the "best"?


  1. Wow! Ok I know where this is but haven't eaten there before! It looks delicious and I am hungry while getting my teeth whitened st the dentist!

  2. Looks delicious. Really cool concept. Will check it out next time I am in Chicago.

  3. omg this sandwich looks AMAZING! And those onion rings look so good and crispy - I'm definitely putting this on my list for the next time we go to Chicago, thank you! :)

    1. Yeah I was sold on the onion rings too. Thanks for stopping by =D


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