Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back in Time: Litto Tastes Around the World

This must be what heaven tastes like
(Orjawan~ Earl's Court, London)

Taco lovers, eat your heart out
(El Rey~ Phillyyyy)

Who would have thought bar food could be so good?
(Turkish Pub~ Marktplatz Frankfurt, Germany)

Like artwork that you can eat and smell
(Le Shio~ square Delaware)

You may choose at your litto heart's desire
(Dim Sum~ Shenzhen, China)

Forget General Tso's Chicken, Shrimp rolls, Fortune Cookies, and everything else you think you know about Chinese food
("Dai Pai Dong"~ Tuen Mun, HK)

Nothing like good ol' fashion breakfast in an old Bed & Breakfast in the middle of town
(Markthaus~ Offenback Frankfurt, Germany)

Bet this is what Shiva, Brahma & Buddha would feast on at a party
(Seasoning~ Earl's Court, London)

Memorable dishes from 2011... Don't worry, I have many reviews coming up with more food photoshoots! I also plan to dine at more unique places this year, so I can share even more fun foodie experiences! Hope everyone is eating better and healthier this year, I wish you good luck with your upcoming dining experiences.

Tell me where your most memorable dining experience was and what your favorite dish was from 2011!


  1. Just came across your blog.... The pictures made me drooled while I am really sick right now! Especially Dim Sum :[

  2. Hi Daphne! Sorry that you're sick, take some emergenC next time you feel a bit cold to prevent the common cold or the flu (if that's what you have). Drink lots of water to clean out all the toxins in your body, stay warm this season (it's snowing here! and 31 degrees), and get a lot of rest =D I should put up a good food diet for sickies lol. Eat oatmeal, fruits like apples/oranges for Vitamin C, also veggies for Vitamin A, and drink green or herbal tea.

    Hope you get better soon =D And thank you for reading my blog, I was very excited to see my first comment. Hopefully, after more entries, I'll get to talk to more wonderful foodies like you.

  3. You totally should make a diet for sick people coz I am not in the mood of eating anything other than junk food...XD (When I am sick I can't help thinking about ice cream and all that)

    I just started my blog as well! Glad that I made it to your first comment! <3


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