Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Germany 2011: Frankfurt

Last year was my very first time visiting Germany and what an experience I had!  I stayed in Frankfurt for most of the trip, but did venture out to Heidelberg for a day... but no matter where I was, I was surrounded by beautiful architecture, churches, castles, palaces, and amazing eateries.  I'm actually in Wiesbaden, Germany right now as I type so I thought it would be an appropriate time to post pics of my first visit this time, last year.

All their club sammiches had a fried egg in the middle... NOM!

I loved passing by all the bakeries every morning and seeing all their freshly baked bread.

Lamb and Pommes Frites at a local Turkish Pub (Ofenbach Marktplatz)

Markthaus am Wilhelmsplatz was once a shelter and tool shed for market suppliers in the early 1900's 
The farmer's market opens early morning in front of Marthaus, in the middle of the town's square

Cafe creme (no sugar) was perfect every morning

Breakfast at Marthaus: Assorted slices of meat, pickles, sausage, cheese, hard boiled egg

Marthaus is a historical building in the center in town in Ofenbach Marktplatz and a local hotspot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  As my first real German breakfast experience, I'd say I did pretty well to say the least.  Even though the building was renovated, they still kept the traditional, cozy look and feel of an old guest house.  There were even paintings and old photographs framed on the walls of what it used to look throughout the decades so you could feel the history behind this restaurant.  At dinner time, it becomes a packed house, but the authentic food is well worth the wait for an open table!  Highly recommend it!

My usual: Turkey sammich and cafe creme 

Towards the end of the trip, I made friends with one of the local cafe owners and I told her that if I ever visit Frankfurt again, I would go back and order this same sandwich.  The first time I got it, it was everything I had ever wanted in the perfect turkey sandwich, so I got it again the following day.  The bread was crunchy and nutty on the outside, but so warm and soft inside.  The cucumbers, tomato, turkey and lettuce were fresh as can be and whatever spread she added in there just completed it for me.  It was tangy like tarter sauce, but also looked like cream cheese with chives.  I know what you're thinking... How the hell did this girl write a paragraph about a freaking sandwich?? Ugh, it was just that good!! I hope I can stop by Frankfurt to taste it again this week!

If you've ever been to Germany, tell me your favorite place to visit and restaurant recommendations are always welcomed!

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  1. Wow!! This is all looking so delicious and def more enticing the typical bratwurst
    Weinerchnitzel food we usually think of.....


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